Everything you need to know before you schedule an appointment with a professional makeup artist


During the last several years, professional makeup became a standard practice for women who wanted to feel particularly beautiful for a certain special occasion, most common being weddings, events, prom nights etc. Regardless, there are some frequently asked questions that always pop up during consultations.

The price?

When choosing a makeup artist for your special occasion, besides the quality of their work, the price plays an important role very often as well. Some women consider the prices of getting their makeup done too high.

I always advise people to take a moment to think about this. Apart from the sole application of makeup, you are also paying for the quality of the products the makeup artist is using as well as their time, which is reserved exclusively for you. Also, keep in mind that a good makeup artist continuously invests in educating themselves in order to master new skills and trends.

How long does the appointment last?

One appointment lasts about one hour on average. Applying makeup itself takes around 45 minutes, give or take –  depending on whether you requested a daytime or evening look. The rest of our time is spent on discussing the final look, personal preferences, preparation and, if needed, corrections.  Taking into consideration that each minute is very valuable to a MUA during high season, please try to work with me during this process. Relax and enjoy.

Will my makeup stand the test of time?

Will it melt in sun? What if I cry? Will it hold up until the end of the night? I want a lot of setting powder! These are some of the most common questions my clients ask. When makeup is properly applied using professional products, it will withstand all of the previously mentioned circumstances.

Professional products are more pigmented, waterproof and overall long lasting. By applying more product the results will very often be counter-productive.  A makeup artist that is familiar with the  products they use will know how to apply makeup based on the type and condition of the skin, leaving no room for worries regarding the durability of the makeup.

Do I need a makeup trial run?

In most cases, brides are the ones who usually want to do a makeup trial. This kind of became a tradition in a way, which I personally fully support. Brides are particularly stressed out on the actual wedding day, therefore it is important to do a good makeup trial two weeks prior to the ceremony. 

Why 2 weeks?

This is the optimal time frame in which the bride’s appearance will be the most similar to the one on her wedding day (hair colour, tanning, facials, etc).

The trial appointment usually lasts between an hour and a half and two hours. After consulting with the client, I apply the trial makeup look that I later note down and draw a face chart sketch. Making a list of all the products I’ve used and doing a face chart sketch makes my job a lot easier and ensures one less thing for the bride to worry about on her special day. Besides brides, people who don’t wear makeup often also opt for a trial appointment in order to have a better idea of how it will look.

Inspirational looks

If you’re not sure about the way you’d like your makeup to look, I advise you to search for some inspirational looks online. Based on the look you chose, your makeup artist can advise you whether the chosen look is right for you and potentially suggest a similar alternative that would suit your features better.

A lot of women have unrealistic expectations. A makeup artist is not a cosmetic surgeon and therefore you can’t look identical to the model on the photograph. The most requested inspirational looks are the ones of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. You should also take into consideration the fact that all available pictures on the Internet have been retouched. Furthermore, perhaps the most important things is knowing that models on photographs usually have a completely different face, eye, nose and lip shape compared to yours. 

A good makeup artist will attempt to make potential irregularities on your face look less noticeable to a certain degree by using special contouring techniques while making sure it still looks realistic. Large pores and wrinkles cannot be erased, but one needs to be careful when choosing the right foundation to avoid making them even more noticeable.

Allow your makeup artist to advise you and trust them to highlight your most beautiful features.